The Summer Pupper Pop Up

It was the tagline "between start up and storefront" that first caught my eye. I launched Sir Dogwood in 2016, and while all is well a full on storefront is not quite in the cards (yet!). But a solo pop up is the perfect way to do what I love the most - actually meeting and helping dog parents and pups in person.

The store's color palette - any excuse to whip up color swatches...

So needless to say I was excited to come across the Boxshops concept here in Chicago. Boxshops is a series of re-purposed shipping containers which have been turned into cute retail spaces right in the middle of the West Loop. Winston and I are back in the US for the summer and we're been working hard on getting all set up for the open since we're doing everything ourselves. 

Opening day!


Clifton stopped by the store and stayed to lounge in his new PJs.

The goal is to create a relaxed spot for pups and their parents in which they can browse our latest offerings in a cozy, dog-friendly space. If you're in Chicago, stop by for all the pawshakes and belly rubs!

Can anyone else relate?


The Sir Dogwood pop up shop is located at 725 W. Randolph (and Halsted), open for the entire month of July on Wed - Sun from 11am-7pm. 

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