Where Pup Culture Lives

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Our Story

Hoping to shift the pet industry in a more modern, inclusive direction, Chaz Olajide launched Sir Dogwood soon after developing an obsession with her new, feisty miniature schnauzer in 2016. Sir Dogwood offers a chic selection of dog wear, toys, and accessories thoughtfully curated from the most unique designers from around the world. We also partner directly with emerging makers to create limited edition pieces available exclusively from Sir Dogwood.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to make the pet industry more inclusive by supporting women and BIPOC-led brands, amplifying their voices and increasing their visibility in our store, on our blog, and through our social media platforms.

We’re proud to support One Tail At A Time, a Chicago non-profit with a mission to end pet homelessness. OTAT rescues animals from overcrowded shelters, places them in loving forever homes and provides support to pet owners in need. OTAT is dedicated to serving neighborhoods in the Chicagoland area that might not otherwise have the resources to properly care for their pets by hosting people and pet food bank events as well as Community Pet Days, where pet parents in need can receive free microchips, vaccines, and spay/neuter vouchers for their pets. OTAT also addresses the current lack of diversity in the veterinary field, appointing a Black veterinary surgical team at the Ellis Veterinary Clinic, home of the newly-dedicated Sir Dogwood Dog Suite.

We also support CARE (Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity). CARE’s focus is on transforming animal rescue organizations through workforce development, evidence-based tools, and inspiring narratives. With a mission to bring diverse voices to the pet welfare industry while advocating for inclusive paths to pet adoption, their goal is to create a more diverse space in which BIPOC leaders, adopters, and veterinarians can thrive.

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Our Take

We understand that being a pet parent isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Dogs nourish our souls, support our mental well-being, and shower us with unconditional love on the daily. Ours is a space where you can indulge your floofiest family member—where pups and their parents are celebrated everyday. In short, Sir Dogwood is where pup culture lives.