Maker Crush - Bradley Murray of SQUARE56

Next up in our Maker Crush series is photographer Bradley Murray of SQUARE56.  He and his team of visual composers have worked with the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Lupe Fiasco and Future,  just to name a few. Read on to find out more about how the city of Chicago inspires his photography, his addiction to overseas travel (most recently he jetted to Dubai), and what it was like to work with legend Kobe Bryant. 

What’s your professional background? 

My professional background is photojournalism. I attended Columbia College Chicago and acquired my degree in photojournalism. 

Describe SQUARE56 and tell us why you decided to launch it. 

SQUARE56 is a multifaceted video production company. The best word to describe what we do is documercials. The reason I launched it was to change the landscape of how commercials were being consumed and created. 

What influences your photographic aesthetic?

Chicago influences my photographic aesthetic. The grit, the low key complexity of the city. Gordon Parks is also my spirit animal. 

    What was your most memorable photo shoot and why?

    My most memorable photo shoot was when I shot Kobe Bryant. He carried himself in a way that you would expect every man or women to carry themselves. Poised, respectful and sternly business like. 

    What’s your most decadent indulgence? 

    Traveling overseas is the addiction right now. Dubai was the latest and now I have the bug

    Which Sir Dogwood piece do you have your eye on?

    All the doggy sweaters.


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    IMAGE CREDIT: Bradley Murray



    • Kimberly McKee said:

      I am so glad I came to this website and found this article. I started following Mr. Murray on Instagram due to reading about him on Maker Crush. The work he does is amazing. I love his style. There is a lot of talent out there but Mr. Murray stands out. I love your website and how you set it up. Between the doggie clothes and Maker Crush, this is my favorite website!! Keep it up.

      August 20, 2020

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