The Scot Collar Mustard - Sir Dogwood
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The Scot Collar Mustard

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The Scot Collection is a rich and warm collection, handmade of beautiful and superior waxed cotton in combination with See Scout Sleep's signature hemp webbing and solid brass hardware, and available in a range of gorgeous textures and colors.

These gorgeous and high-quality fabrics come from one of the world's leading wax cotton fabric factories, which was founded in 1864, and based in the land of Collies, Sheep, and Scotch. They make waxed fabrics as no one else does; their fabrics do not only stand out aesthetically but they are also technically superior.

  • Material: Made of a hand washable wax cotton with a light/cool feel and soft/aged appearance. It’s a combination of dry wax and soft finishing. Unique lightweight fabric and the modern version of the traditional wax fabric., 100% hemp webbing core and their signature solid brass hardware. 
  • Their hemp webbing is non-allergenic, breathable, durable, and has anti-bacterial properties. It’s super strong, holds its shape, does not stretch and is naturally resistant to mold.
  • Care: spot clean with a clean damp cloth. We recommend applying (bee) wax onto the surface ones in a while, to keep the material soft, supple and weather-resistant.
  • Their collars will continue to soften with continued love and use. They can be perfectly matched with harnesses, leashes and pooch pouches.
      Size Neck Width
      Small 8-13in/20-34cm 1/2in/1.3cm
      Medium 11-16.5in/28-42cm 1in/2.5cm
      Large 15-23in/38-50cm
      X-Large 16-24in/41-61cm