Tips to Encourage Mental Stimulation for Dogs

By now we all know that dogs are intelligent creatures. They learn, feel stressed, and get bored just like we do. That’s why it’s important that they exercise their curious minds through mental stimulation each day. Doing so will help your dog to lower their stress levels, ward off boredom, and promote good behavior. This can be done by going on an adventurous walk or hike, teaching them a new trick, playing with mentally stimulating dog toys, or taking them to a local dog daycare.

Sir Dogwood has the goods to help you and your dog get the daily mental stimulation they need. The Macrame Rope Toy by Ember & Ivory is great for you and your pup to engage in interactive play. Tug-of-War is a great interactive game to play with your dog as it combines bonding time, exercise, mental stimulation, and impulse control.

Another great way to encourage mental stimulation for dogs is by turning playtime into a reward game. The Twist Toss fetch toy by Wild One encourages mental stimulation as it requires them to focus hard on the prize. The abstract shape makes the fetch toy bounce unpredictably which keeps dogs guessing. Its center holds treats, stimulating their mind in order to reach the reward inside.

Does your busy schedule limit your mental stimulation time with your dog? Taking them to a local dog daycare may be the right move. Dog daycares like Dogdrop in Los Angeles, are a great place for your dog to receive great care while socializing and exercising physically and mentally. At Dogdrop, Droperators work closely with each dog to ensure they get their daily mental stimulation by practicing with brain puzzles, using positive reinforcement, and providing a stimulating environment. 

This guest post was written by Dogdrop 

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