The Best Tips For Indoor Dog Photoshoots With Your iPhone

By Lindsey from Lindsey & Coco Dog Mom Blog 

Peruse through any dog-oriented social media feed these days and you’re bound to swoon over frame after frame of perfectly posed pooches. And while you may not be ready to fork over your hard-earned cash for a DOGUE-worthy photoshoot, you ARE ready to glam up your space with a poshified pup photo wall or two. 

Never fear, these days fancy cameras and professional photographers are no longer required to produce captivating photos of your pet. You’ve got all the digital firepower you need right in the palm of your hand. So today we’re sharing a few tips for mastering the art of the indoor pup shoot (puppy + photoshoot = pup shoot). And the best part is all you need is your iPhone!  


First of all, indoor photoshoots with your dog should be 100% low key, calm and fun! If you get impatient or start fussing NOBODY is going to have a good time. And if you’re stressed out, your dog is stressed out and you won’t be able to capture quality moments.  

So be sure that your dog is well-exercised beforehand. Giving your pup the chance to race out  some serious zoomies before your photoshoots will make it easier for them to obey commands in front of the camera.  

Also don’t be stingy with the treats! Lavish on the praise and snacks for good behavior. 



Natural light always photographs best, so be sure to schedule your sessions during the brightest part of the day and in the areas of your home with the most light. 

In order to be sure your iPhone or Android picks up all that gorgeous daylight, take a second to clean your phone lens. The number one reason why your pet photos don’t look as good as the pros is a fingerprint-covered camera lens. This is especially the case when using a phone since we handle them all day.  


Now I know it’s tempting to go for the stoic “I’m a perfectly behaved fashion model dog,” but honestly don’t you want your pet’s personality to come through? Sure with proper training and lots of positive reinforcement, you can get your dog to nail some killer poses but don’t miss out on the  goofy grins and inquisitive head tills which come naturally to your pup. After all, the real reason for these photos is to capture the moment and your dog’s personality. 


Truly magical moments happen when you experiment and play around. So DO let your dog move  around and settle into positions naturally — and DO move the camera frame around. The great thing about dogs is they literally have no bad angles. So have fun shooting these extremely  photogenic supermodels from every side.  

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