Did Someone Say Sweater Weather?

Cardigans. Pullovers. Turtlenecks. Oversized. Ugly. Beatrix hasn't met a sweater she didn't like. Once the leaves start changing and the temperature begins dropping, we get to work. Sure, folks are coming back from their summer staycations and kiddos are heading back to school (virtually), but the work I’m talking about is that seasonal task of flipping our closets. All the light layers and toe-baring sandals get stashed under the bed and out come ankle booties and super soft sweaters. As someone who is perpetually cold, I welcome the start of fall with open arms. 

Once I've finished pulling out my own cool weather gear, I dive into Beatrix’s drawer for a little re-org as well. One of the best parts of summer coming to an end is that it’s finally cool enough to put Beatrix into clothes again. A comfy cardigan or cozy turtleneck sweater make chilly walks a bit more palatable for her. No one wants a shivering schnauzer!

Merrick Pet Care is clearly on a similar wavelength, because they reached out in conjunction with the launch of their new fall dog food recipe, Sweater Weather Supper (say that three times fast), and sent Beatrix a little fall-focused care package so that she could give it a try. After decking her out in some of her fave fall sweaters for the occasion, we opened the box and discovered a treasure trove of delectable goodies.

Along with Sweater Weather Supper wet food came a batch of Beatrix-approved Oven Baked Turducken and Pumpkin Patch treats plus a cute little bandana (who doesn’t love a fab accessory!). We immediately broke open the Turducken treats and Bea wolfed a couple down before I could take a pic, so needless to say she was a big fan.


Have you ever tried to photograph a squirmy puppy while sitting mere inches away from a bowl of tempting food calling her name? I have, and let me tell you, it’s not easy. It's a good thing Beatrix and I have been working on the "wait" command, because without it she would have gone to town on that little bowl of chow. Just look at the above photo - her restraint is pretty palpable in this shot. I mean she is hanging on by a thread here.


Bottom line - you're covered for fall. In the market for yummy autumnal goodies for your pup? Check out Merrick's fall line of food and treats. Need a snuggly sweater for your dog? Look no further than our selection of crewnecks and cardis. Apple picking, decorative gourd gathering and gorging on pumpkin spice everything we’ll leave up to you.

Note - this blog post was sponsored by Merrick but all opinions expressed are mine.


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