Super Chill: 6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

With temperatures everywhere it seems climbing to new heights this summer, we thought we'd share a few of our favorite ways to keep your dog cool in these hot summer months. 

Start with good hydration. 

Hydration is important for everyone (pets and humans alike!), but hydration is especially key when temperatures are rising. Keep fresh water around at home, and if you're traveling, make sure to bring a fresh supply of water specifically for your pet. 

Hazards in pools, like chlorine, are one thing, and you don't want your dog drinking that. But there's also nasty stuff in lakes, streams, and puddles. Did you know that cases for giardia (the single-celled parasite that can lead to severe diarrhea) skyrocket for dogs in the summertime? 

We know it's not always easy to keep your dog from drinking the water they're playing in, but fresh water is certainly a better option. 

If you're ready to upgrade your dog's at-home water bowl to something a little more chic, we've got a ton of Sir Dogwood Pet Bowls and Holders

Find the shade.  

When you're out, keep your eyes peeled for spots that might make a nice little resting spot. A cluster of trees at a park, maybe. Or take a minute to chill when the hiking path veers into the woods. The temperature won't necessarily be any different, but without direct sunlight and the effects of solar radiation, the shade may feel 10 to 15 degrees cooler. So helpful for your pet! 

How do you know when your dog needs a break? A good rule of thumb is if your dog is panting excessively, whining, slowing their pace, or wanting to lay down more than usual, it may be time to stop and have some water. 

Try walking during off-peak hours. 

It's also totally a-okay in the summer months if you need to alter your walking schedule. Try going for strolls earlier than usual in the morning or later on in the evening when temperatures and humidity may be a bit more mild. 

Go for a swim!  

There's no better way to cool off than going for a swim. It's the perfect way to escape the heat of summer. If your dog loves to swim, find a body of water where your dog can wade in or truly make a splash. If your dog has never been much of a swimmer, given the option, on a really hot day...they might actually surprise you!  

Stay consistent with grooming. 

Proper grooming is another element in keeping your dog a little bit cooler. Brushing regularly prevents the build up of matting, and matted fur is known for trapping heat. The more you brush, the more you'll be helping your dog eliminate their undercoat (if they have one) from the winter. That's an added advantage...allowing their hair to do what it does naturally to help with proper airflow.  

Keep some toys in your freezer. 

Now's the time of year when your freezer really becomes your friend. Try stuffing and freezing one of our Twist Toss toys, made out of 100% natural rubber, BPA free, and tested to meet food-safe standards. These fun dog toys comes in a variety of colors (Blush, Tan, Navy, Lilac, and Red). 

Or, you could try freezing the Soda Pup Can Toys. These are better for super power chewers! Fill and freeze with kibble, canned dog food, peanut butter (no xylitol!), or your favorite dog treat recipe. They're perfect for an enrichment activity when everyone may just need some much needed at-home time relaxing with the A/C on full blast. 

Here's to you and your dog enjoying the dog days of summer while they're here! 

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