The Not So New Girl

Truth be told this post has taken me a really long time to write, but since I along with everyone else is practicing social distancing and therefore am stuck at home under lockdown, free time is all I have these days. The long and the short of it is, if you’ve been paying attention to the website and social media posts, you’ve noticed a new furry face has recently joined our family. Beatrix is a nine-month-old mini schnauzer who we welcomed home around the holidays, and she’s settled in with us quite nicely.  


You’d think someone as dog crazy as I am would have posted a welcome home Beatrix post as soon as we picked her up. The thing is, my feelings of joy and excitement with the new girl have been bittersweet because the feelings of loss for my previous dog Winston are very much still fresh even though it’s been almost nine months since he passed. 


HRH Queen Bea


But Beatrix (named for both the former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands & a childhood fave author Beatrix Potter) is a sweetheart (I’m literally getting kisses as I write this sentence). She’s a cuddle connoisseur, is addicted to apples, and loves watching birds in person & on YouTube. When you’re living with a new pup, it takes a bit of time to get to know each other. When you lose a pup, I’m not sure you ever completely let them go. At the moment I suppose I’m holding two dogs on my heart at the same time (while simultaneously actively campaigning to add a second...and perhaps third (?) into the family fold).  


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