On Paris, Pastels and Pups

Last weekend I left the pup at home with his dad and hopped a train to Paris to meet up with two friends I’ve known almost as long as I’ve been alive. He lives in Boston, she lives in NYC, but somehow, the stars aligned and our paths just happened to cross in the City of Lights. While my French has been languishing since high school, said pals are basically fluent, which made our foray into eating and drinking around town that much easier.


90s hip-hop & Alice and Wonderland cocktails
at Jefrey's in the 2nd arrondissement.

We were wandering around the Marais when it happened. I caught sight of someone who literally stopped me in my tracks: a bright young thing wearing a double-breasted salmon-colored suit with cropped, tapered pants, topped off with the perfect shade of red lipstick. It was ridiculously eye-catching while being completely chic at the same time. 

That instance of pink perfection along with more window shopping than I care to admit made me come to the realization that although florals have been everywhere for months on end it finally looks like they’re being surpassed by another personal favorite of mine: dreamy, creamy pastels. For someone like me who leans toward dressing in head-to-toe neutrals, there’s something so much more palatable about the idea of pivoting to a soft shade of blush versus a flaming scarlet or a frothy peach instead of an in-your-face orange.

Winston and I are about that pastel life.

 Happily this particular trend is trickling into dog wear as well.  Huts and Bay is all over it with their Collar Knit top, which comes in an array of sherbet shades. 


A chicken nugget in the Collar Knit by Huts and Bay.

They've managed to choose the perfect mix of sweet hues for a well-cut top that somehow avoids coming off as overly-saccharine. Bottom line: we're here for the pups in pastels trend.

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