Maker Crush - Sum Leung Of Woof Models

As someone who has spent a good chunk of time working in museums, I think it's fair to say that I'm a straight up art nerd. Suffice it to say that I was over the moon to discover the subtle artwork of London-based illustrator Sum Leung. Her Woof Models brand features finely-drawn portraits of puppers in their freshest gear. More on how she integrates her love for fashion and dogs, the artists who influence her aesthetic, and her own doggo muse, VV the corgi, below.

What’s your professional background? 

I was an art director in advertising and before that I was a graphic designer in branding. I think that taught me to tell stories without too much complication. 

Describe Woof Models and tell us why you decided to launch it. 

Woof Models is for people who love their dogs and treat them as any other member of the family. I illustrate a custom portrait of their dog wearing clothes that best reflects their personality. Each dog is unique so I ask a lot of questions to get a better sense of what they're really like. The more I know, the more I can create something tailored to them. It's the little details that really brings the picture to life. 

I see my portraits more of a story between the owner and their dog, something special just for them. Ultimately I hope it brings a smile and a sense of joy whenever they look at it. My inspiration for Woof Models was my own Corgi VV. She's got some many personality traits, sometimes she's a little princess who needs attention, sometimes she's like a little diva and whenever a man enters the house she's complete flirt ha ha!

What influences your illustration aesthetic? Why dogs + fashion?

I think my advertising and branding background has definitely influenced my work. I like keeping things nice simple, nothing too complicated. I like the work of Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Gary Hume, Milton Glaser and others.

I love dogs, always have and always will, they're like us in many ways. Plus they're so funny, dog videos are my fav! As for fashion, it's always been a love of mine and i think fashion is a great way to reflect different personalities. 

    What's inspiring you right this second?

    I have to say London. There's a great illustration and design scene. Where I live there's a print club just down the road. You can almost smell the energy in the air. There's old buildings mixed with amazing architecture, and little stores that sell handmade artwork by local artists. I really love this city.

    What’s your most decadent indulgence? 

    Travel with my husband and have sushi! I love sushi, I could eat it all day and all night, I even dream about it

    Which Sir Dogwood piece do you and VV have your eye on?

    There's many good things, VV would be spoilt for choice. It's so hard to pick maybe I should ask her! But i'm loving the Tiggy Tuna Melts My Heart Cashmere Sweater by Ruby Rufus and the White & Blue Striped Wire Scarf by Betters would be my pick, I wish I could wear them.

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