Maker Crush - Chrissie Curley of Tiny Wolf London

I have a soft spot in my heart for Jaws. It was one of the first 'scary' movies I ever remember seeing, and no matter how often I've seen it since (including once at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with live accompaniment - yep, I know, I'm a dork), it never gets old. Needless to say when I first came across UK's Tiny Wolf, their Shark Attack sweater stopped me dead in my tracks and I knew Winston just had to have one. We touched base just before the holidays to talk about founder Chrissie Curley's background in womenswear design, her fave piece from her collection, and her furry partner in crime, Loki. 
Congratulations on launching your new brand! What is your professional background & why did you decide to start Tiny Wolf?
I actually worked as a womenswear designer for 9 years here in the UK, however when we first got Loki almost a year ago now I realised just how hard it was to find sweaters for him! So what started out as a bit of a 'pet-project' (excuse the pun!) turned into Tiny Wolf pretty much over night! Now I get to combine my 2 great loves - dogs and fashions.
We love the bold, graphic style of your debut collection. Tell us more about your design aesthetic: what are some of your key influences?
I still reference the same designers I did when I was designing womenswear - that's been a key influence for me and driver for the brand handwriting. When designing the range I always ask myself "would I wear this?" We believe fashion should be accessible to all shapes and sizes - and breeds! I also love natural fibres and know they feel the softest on my skin, that's why we only use yarns such as cotton, cashmere and merino wool for our Tiny Wolf sweaters.
What is your favorite piece from your collection and why?
I'm a big fan of slogans, so I'd say the "call my name" piece is my current fave! And I love the rich colour - it's perfect for this time of year. 
We want to know all about your fur baby. What is Loki doing right this second?
Loki is currently fast asleep curled up by my feet as I type this. It's 11.30am here - this is when he likes to catch up on another few hours sleep! 
What's your guiltiest pleasure at the moment? (fave cocktail? restaurant? meal? travel destination? doggie-related item?) 

Without a doubt my guilty pleasure right now are the Netflix original Christmas films...I'm afraid to say I've probably seen them all, twice! Loki gets roped into watching them with me too 😊 

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