Maker Crush - Alexis Nido-Russo of Local Eclectic

Our Maker Crush series continues with jewelry store maven Alexis Nido-Russo of Local Eclectic.  We are die-hard fans of the glittering baubles and jaw-dropping gems featured on her gorgeous site, and love that LE's mission focuses on scouring the globe to find pieces from indie designers. We caught up with the busy entrepreneur to find out more about her line, her connection to Miley Cyrus, and what's inspiring her right this second.

What’s your professional background? 

My professional background is all over the place. I've done everything from touring with Miley Cyrus and throwing thousand person events for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago to designing catalogues for an X-Ray manufacturing company. I think it's this vast and varied experience that prepared me for the wild ride of entrepreneurship.

Describe Local Eclectic and tell us why you decided to launch it. 

We're an online jewelry store featuring emerging and indie jewelry designers from across the globe. I wanted to create a place for the jewelry obsessed to shop the best indie talent. The idea came from having friends in the industry and loving their jewelry, I knew there had to be other artists making amazing jewels across the country but there weren't any online shops highlighting the designers of the aesthetic I was interested in so I decided to start one!

What influences Local Eclectic's aesthetic?

Our customers! We listen to what our customers want and look for designers that we think our customers will love. What I've found is that the things I love aren't always what our customers love so it's a delicate balance between what I like and understanding what our customers want.

How do you find the makers you work with?

Anywhere and everywhere. Some come to us, many I find late at night when I'm scrolling through Instagram. I also go to trade shows and do quite a bit of online shopping myself so that helps!

What's inspiring you right this second?

This and this 

What’s your favorite piece from your collection? Why?

My favorite piece from the Lust & Luster collection is the Breakfast at Tiffany's ring. It's the original piece from the collection and is the piece that inspired me to start a line in the first place.

What’s your most decadent indulgence? 

I treat myself too often so it's hard to choose just one... I've been really into orange and natural wine recently. It has a super funky taste -- it's kind of like the stinky cheese of wine. Not for everyone but I'm obsessed. I also have a big sweet tooth and love anything in the gummy section. 

Which Sir Dogwood piece do you have your eye on?

LOVE both the Hello Harriet Fur Bae and Growlees The Snuggle Is Real collar charms!

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Image credit: Jacob Boll

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