Lust List: Winston's Xmas Wish List

Much like all the rest of my holiday preparations, this blog post should have been completed three weeks ago. But this time of year always seems to sneak up on me - weren’t we just choosing our costumes and gorging on leftover Halloween candy like a week ago? Here in the Netherlands, given the lack of snow and relatively mild temps, I’m still getting by with wearing my light wool coat (Chicago is my heart but those winters have forever changed me - nothing compares to the kind of bone-chilling cold and lake effect winds Chicagoans endure year after frigid year) so it doesn’t really even feel like the holidays. But here we are.

One way we are getting into the spirit of the season is by pulling together Winston's Xmas wish list. He's distilled his current faves to, among others, a fuzzy fleece top I wish I was wearing right now, an adorable puppy merit badge and a gorgeous hand-made bed created by Ghanaian weavers. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to put up our tree. Finally(!)  



1-  Boa Fleece Man-To-Man in Grey//Tustus

2 - Road Tripper Merit Badge//Scout's Honour

3 - Hand Knit Bagel and Cream Cheese Toy//Ware of the Dog  

4 - Flying Duck Blue Sweater//And Blank

5 - Hand Woven Dog Bed//The Baba Tree

6 - Turquoise Blue Vegan Cork Collar//Noggins and Binkles 


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