Book Club: Puppy Styled

One of the things that became quite clear during quarantine was just how thick and luxurious Beatrix’s fur is (if only we all had such problems). Her fur is thick. Like, thickety-thick. I will admit that in a moment of utter desperation I may or may not have grabbed a pair of clippers and shaved her most egregiously overgrown areas (after which I of course immediately regretted my decision). 

Having to resort to my own devices during lockdown did give me a newfound appreciation for professional groomers and the myriad of skills they possess. I can remember several years ago taking my schnauzer to a new groomer and one of the first questions he asked me was “Standard schnauzer cut or more of a Japanese style?” and I confess I’m embarrassed to say he was met with a blank, questioning stare. Little did I know then how much doggie grooming styles had been evolving, particularly in Japan.

If only I’d had Grace Chon’s book Puppy Styled: Japanese Dog Grooming Before & After all those years ago. Chon is a former art director and super talented animal photographer whose work has been widely featured online, on television, and in print, including in the NY Times, LA Times, and too many more to list. Based on a viral photo series called Hairy, in Puppy Styled, she turns her attention to those practicing non-breed standard grooming with over 100 photographs that clearly show that "Japanese dog grooming is not just a haircut, but a work of art." Not convinced? OK, just feast your eyes these furry clients:                                                     

Before After

The simple brilliance of her presenting these dogs in a “Before and After” format cannot be overstated. It goes without saying but after careful consideration Beatrix and I highly recommend this read and we're ready and wiling to pre-order the sequel (please let there be a sequel).

All photos by Grace Chon
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