Bea's Birthday Wish List

Doggie astrology? I guess I'm late to the party but I had no idea this was a thing. For fun I looked up Beatrix's horoscope, and I can't deny that she's a typical cancer baby. Loves lap cuddles? Check. Undeniably food motivated? Roger. Attached at the hip to her mom? Affirmative.

Well this little buttercup just turned one and seriously, where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I brought her home and immediately started dressing her in little outfits, poor thing. Well, any excuse to throw a little party, so we had a yellow-themed soiree for Queen Bea.


Some elements were a big hit (peanut butter cookies with yummy frosting? Huge yes.) Others, not so much (slightly terrifying floating balloons? Hard pass.) But Beatrix seemed pretty pleased by it all. Especially the part about the peanut butter cookies.

In honor of her big day, we pulled together her birthday wish list, pulling from some of our favorite black-owned pet businesses. Read on to see what she's wishing for right this second. 

1-Oatmeal Merino Binky Tug Toy by House Dogge
2-Calming Relief Hemp Oil by HomeScape Pets
3-Biggie Bandana by Brixxy and Co
4-Cheeze Pleeze Bites by Ava's Pet Palace
5-Cleo Sweatshirt by Bark & Tumble
6-Fresh Dog Food Delivery by Pet Plate

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