5 Ways to Speak Your Dog's Love Language

We all know a loved dog is a happy dog. And while we know the ways our dogs show us affection, is there something we can do to return the favor? Is there such a thing as love languages for dogs?  

Dogs, like humans, do have their very own love languages! In honor of Valentine's Day this month, here are a few ways you can show your dog how much you really care. 

Be a chatterbox. 

You know that voice you use when you talk to your dog? They love it! Dogs can infer meaning based on tone alone, so keep talking in that high-pitched, "baby talk" voice. There's actually proof they prefer it over a "normal tone" and that it improves bonding between you both. 

Try reading to your dog out loud. 

Research suggests reading to dogs has a relaxing effect and can build a bond, just like that between a parent and a child. This can be especially useful if you have an anxious or a particularly high energy dog. It doesn't matter what you're reading—a novel, a news article, or the recipe you're cooking for dinner—share the story with your beloved. 

Hand feeding is a love language. 

Some people may feed a majority of meals this way, but even if you only try it a few times a week, hand feeding is a simple way to give your dog your undivided attention. Plus, this easy technique builds trust, can boost a dog's confidence, and teaches good manners, especially around food. 

Training is a form of affection. 

Beyond the obvious cognitive skills it builds, training your dog solidifies your relationship and becomes its own form of affection. If you and your dog have already mastered the basics like sit, stay, wait, and come, try playing hide and seek or work up to leading your dog through an agility course. There's no need to buy anything special for this. Be creative! For example, try staggering your dining room chairs and have your dog weave through. 

Give your dog an ear rub.  

Dogs have over a dozen (!!!) muscles in their ears, so an ear rub for them is not unlike our version of a back rub. Massage, anyone? The nerve impulses in a dog's ear release hormones like oxytocin, which reinforces bonding. Daily ear rubs will leave your dog feeling super mellow, relaxed, and cared for. 

Cuddling up, sharing sweet and loving eye contact, and spending more time in the present moment and less time on your phone are all dog love languages too. 

To all the dog owners out there who want to shower your dogs with love...we hope these help! 

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us here at Sir Dogwood! xx

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